Documents area overview

The Documents area is where you store, organise , and retrieve your firm's files.

Click the Client Dashboard button at the top of the screen to open the Client dashboard for the selected client.

Click the Documents link or Documents button at the top of the screen to access files through the following tabs.

  • Client Documents tab: A location for client documents or documents that you will share with clients. Onvio also stores documents from other Onvio applications in this location. You can also choose to send documents to client folders that you add here.
  • Firm Documents tab: Store and access files that are specific to your firm. The expandable folder panel on the left enables you to easily navigate the document folder structure.
  • My Documents tab: Files that you store from within this area are accessible only by you. The expandable folder panel on the left enables you to easily navigate the document folder structure.
  • Document Activity tab: View your recent activity, as well as search for files stored in all tabs in Onvio Documents.
  • Recycle Bin tab: Restore or permanently remove deleted files.
  • Communications tab: Request client files and information, as well as request and manage the approval of files from anyone, even if they don't have access to Onvio. 


  • The maximum size for file uploads is 500 MB.
  • The expandable folder panel in the Client Documents, Firm Documents, and My Documents tabs enables you to easily navigate the document folder structure for a selected client.
    • The first time that you open one of these tabs, the Client field at the top of the folder panel is blank. To view folders and documents for a client, select a client ID from the available drop-down list in the Client field.
    • You can click the name of the client at the top of the folder panel to return to the root folder level for the selected client.
    • The client that was last selected is retained by the application—and by default—made available the next time that you open the tab.
    • You can mark the Include files checkbox to display files in each folder on a per-client basis within the folder panel. When the checkbox is cleared, all files are hidden in the folder panel.
      • If you work with a client with a large number of files, clearing the Include Files checkbox may improve performance when navigating the folder structure for the selected client.
      • Your choice to include or hide files in the folder panel is unique to your login ID and the selected client. The application retains your selections, so that the view in the folder panel is the same the next time that you log into that client.
    • You can select a document in the folder panel to preview the contents of that folder in the preview panel on the right.
    • You can click the Previous and/or Next  Previous/Next icons arrows in the preview panel to display the next or previous documents in the selected folder.

You can perform various document- and folder-related tasks using the toolbar at the top of the screen.

  • You can access the toolbar from the Client Documents tab (from within selected clients), from the Firm Documents tab, from the My Documents tab, from the Recycle Bin tab, and from the Requests tab.
  • You can sort the items in a column by clicking the column heading.

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