Onvio Link

Install Onvio Link to enable the following features.

The following options are available after you've finished editing/updating a Word or Excel document, and before closing the Onvio Link panel.

  • Sync to Onvio: Synchronizes your changes to the Onvio application.
  • Sync and Close: Synchronizes your changes in the document and closes Onvio Link.
  • Close: Closes the document and Onvio Link without synchronzing the changes with Onvio.

You can install and use Onvio Link only on computers that run a Microsoft Windows operating system.

Note to Digita Virtual Office users: Onvio Link is available through Digita Virtual office, so downloading from this page is unnecessary.

Download the installation file


Then, locate the onvio_link_installer.en_gb.msi file on your computer, open the file, and follow the steps in the installation wizard to install Onvio Link.

Onvio Link will prompt you to download and apply updates when they become available.

To uninstall Onvio Link, find the applications folder on your computer by searching on Remove Programs. When you open the applications folder you will see Onvio Link in the list, and you can select it to uninstall.

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