Supported file types in Onvio

You can add files of the following types in the Documents area. A preview is available for specific file types in Onvio Documents.

File type Description Preview available
3G2 3GPP2 multimedia No
3GP 3GPP multimedia No
AAC Advanced Audio Coding No
ACCDB Microsoft Access 2007 database No
AVI Audio Video Interleave No
BMP Bitmap image Yes
CSV Microsoft Excel comma separated values Yes
DB Generic database format No
DBF Database format No
DDB Digita database backup No
DOC Microsoft Word 97 - 2003 document Yes
DOCM Microsoft Word macro-enabled document Yes
DOCX Microsoft Word document Yes
DOT Microsoft Word template Yes
DOTM Microsoft Word macro-enabled template No
DOTX Microsoft Word template Yes
EMF Enhanced Windows metafile No
EML Microsoft Outlook Express message Yes
GIF Graphic interchange bitmap image Yes
HTM Hypertext markup language No
HTML Hypertext markup language Yes
ICO Icon Yes
JIF JIF image No
JFIF JPEG image Yes
JFX J2 fax No
JPE JPEG image Yes
JPEG JPEG image Yes
JPG JPEG image Yes
KEY Keynote presentation for Mac No
M2V MPEG-2 Video No
M4A MPEG-4 Audio No
MDB Microsoft Access database No
MHT MHTML document No
MP2 MPEG-1 audio No
MP3 MP3 audio No
MP4 MPEG-4 video No
MPG MPEG video No
MSG Microsoft Outlook message Yes
NUMBERS Numbers spreadsheet for Mac No
ODP OpenOffice OpenDocument presentation Yes
ODS OpenOffice OpenDocument spreadsheet Yes
ODT OpenOffice OpenDocument text Yes
PAGES Pages document for Mac No
PBM Portable bitmap image No
PCD PCD image No
PCX Paintbrush bitmap image No
PDF Portable document format Yes
PGM Portable graymap image No
PNG Portable network graphic Yes
PPM Portable pixmap image No
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint 97 - 2003 presentation Yes
PPTM Microsoft PowerPoint macro-enabled presentation No
PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint presentation Yes
PUB Microsoft Publisher No
QBA QuickBooks accountant’s copy No
QBB QuickBooks backup No
QBM QuickBooks portable company file No
QBW QuickBooks company No
QBX QuickBooks accountant’s copy (export) No
QBY QuickBooks accountant’s copy (import) No
QDF Quicken Data File No
RAR WinRar backup No
RAS Sun raster graphic No
RTF Rich Text Format Yes
TGA TGA image No
TIF Tagged Image File Format No
TIFF Tagged Image File Format Yes
TXT Text document Yes
VSD Microsoft Visio document Yes
WAV Waveform audio No
WMA Windows Media Audio No
WMF Microsoft Windows metafile image Yes
WMV Window Media Video No
WP WordPerfect document No
WPD WordPerfect document No
XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language No
XLS Microsoft Excel 97 - 2003 spreadsheet Yes
XLSB Microsoft Excel binary spreadsheet Yes
XLSM Microsoft Excel macro-enabled spreadsheet Yes
XLSX Microsoft Excel spreadsheet Yes
XLT Microsoft Excel template No
XLTX Microsoft Excel template No
XML Extensible Markup Language Yes
XPS XML Paper Specification Yes
ZIP Compressed file format No

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