Request documents or files from a client

Before you start

Make sure you're assigned to a permission group that has Documents enabled.

Create and send a document request

You can send document requests to anyone, even if they don't have access to Onvio.

  1. Select Documents and then the Communications tab.
  2. Select Add and choose Document Request.
  3. Choose a client, and then choose an existing contact or enter an email address for the recipient of the document request.
  4. Choose the Send via Email or Send via Client Center checkbox.


    • If you choose Send via Client Center and the recipient is not registered for Client Center, then they will receive an email invitation to register.
    • The Send via Client Center checkbox will only be enabled if the recipient is an Individual and has a relationship to the selected client.
  5. In the Document Upload Destination field, select Browse and navigate to the folder where you want the requested document to go.
  6. Choose a request template to use, or enter a description of the files to be uploaded in the Document Request field.
  7. Select a Due Date and an Expiration Date. The expiration date defaults to one year from today's date.
  8. Enter a brief description of the request in the Message Subject field.
  9. Select Send when you're finished.

The recipient will receive an email that includes a link to upload the requested files.

Note: You can request documents from only one recipient at a time.

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