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Before you begin

  • Dynamic Web TWAIN plugin is required to scan documents into Onvio. The first time you scan a document, Onvio will require you to install the plugin by clicking the Download link in the Scan and Upload page. If you already have the plugin and it's not the required version, you'll be prompted to download and install the upgraded version.
  • We recommend that you scan images in black and white at 400 DPI. If you choose colour or grayscale options for documents that you scan at 400 DPI and above, file sizes will be larger (up to 1MB per page).
  • Onvio stores scanned documents in the Documents area or Workpapers binder as PDF files.
  • If you're unable to scan documents, verify that your scanner is turned on and connected to your computer.
  • In the Documents area, the scanning option is available from within folders in My Documents, Firm Documents, Folder Templates, and from within client folders in Client Documents. 

Follow these steps to scan documents into Onvio using a TWAIN scanner:

  1. Select New, then Scan.
  2. In the Document information section, enter a name in the File name field.
  3. Select the scanner and adjust configuration settings.
  4. Select Start scan.
    1. Edit and review scanned pages. You can rotate, delete, and reorder pages.
    2. Select Scan more if you want to scan additional pages.
    3. Select the location in the document where you want to insert the additional scanned pages.
    4. Confirm Scanner settings and Start Scan.
  5. When you have scanned all pages, select Finish & upload to complete the scan.

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