Onvio Company Formations overview

A. Set up your firm for using Company Formations

The following steps will help you set up your firm for using Onvio Company Formations. 

  1. Give staff permission to use Onvio Company Formations.
  2. Check the availability of a company formation project template.
  3. Set up Agent details.
  4. Set up Presenter details.

B. Set up the prospective company as a client

You will need to take the following steps to set up each prospective company as a client in Onvio.

  1. Gather information about a prospective company.
  2. Set up a prospective company as a client.

C. Add and complete a company formation project

You will need to add a company formation project to your company client and complete this project to submit a request to Companies House for incorporation of a private company limited by shares.

  1. Add a company formation project to a company.
  2. Complete a company formation project.
  3. Monitor the progress of a request to incorporate a company.
  4. Retrieve the incorporation documents.

Learn more 

Visit our Learning Centre and take the Company Formations e-learning.

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