Set up Agent details

An application to request incorporation of a company must include a statement of compliance that the registration requirements of the Companies Act 2006 have been complied with. This statement can be made by the subscribers or by their agent. If you want to make this statement as an agent, you will need to set up your agent details in Onvio. 

Set up Agent Details in Onvio

  1. Go to My applications > Onvio Company Formations.
  2. Select Setup > Agent Details from the menu bar.
  3. Choose the name of the agent from the Agent Name drop-down list.

    Note: if the agent is not listed, you will need to create the agent as a new contact in Onvio Centre.

  4. Choose the agent’s address from the Address drop-down list.
  5. If the selected agent is not an individual, choose an individual from the Representative drop-down list.
  6. For the individual who is either the agent or the agent’s Representative, choose three types of ID from the Personal Information drop-down list and enter the required characters for each.
  7. Select either Subscriber or Agent, depending on who will normally give the statement of compliance.

    Note: you can change the setting for who will give the statement of compliance (subscriber or agent) during each company formation project.

  8. Select Save.

Note: during each company formation project you will be asked if the application for incorporation will be made by the agent. If you answer Yes, the agent's details you've entered by taking the steps above will be added to the application.

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