Set up Presenter details

Before you start

Before you can set up your Presenter details, you will need a Companies House online filing Presenter account

How to set up your Presenter details in Onvio

  1. Go to My applications > Onvio Company Formations.
  2. Select Setup > Presenter Details from the menu bar.
  3. Enter the Presenter's Companies House e-filing account credentials in the Presenter ID and Authentication Number fields.
  4. Enter an email address that Companies House can use to contact the Presenter about their e-filing submissions.
  5. Enter a number in each of the Next Submission Number and Next Transaction ID fields.

    Note: A submission number identifies the form submitted to Companies House and the transaction ID identifies each message about a submission sent to Companies House.

    The numbers entered in the Submission Number and Transaction ID fields must be unique. They must not overlap a number previously used by this Presenter ID. If the Presenter ID is going to continue to be used outside Onvio, make sure that you choose a number so high that there’s no danger of overlap. Companies House will accept numbers up to 999,999.

  6. Select Save.

Note: After you submit your request for incorporation at the end of a company formation project, Companies House will charge its processing fee to the Presenter's account.

Next step

Gather information about a prospective company.

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