Add staff rates

Staff rates must be added before entering time and expenses. This allows you to set hourly costs and billing rates for each of your staff members, including different rates for different services.

Before you start

Add a rate for a staff member

  1. Select Setup, then Staff.
  2. Choose a staff member and select Edit
  3. Select the Rates tab.
  4. Select Add
  5. In the Effective Date field, enter the date the rate takes effect.

    Note: The effective date for the new staff rate cannot be the same as the effective date for an existing rate for the same staff member.

  6. In the Hourly Cost field, enter the amount you pay the staff member per hour.
  7. If there are one or more staff rate descriptions, then under Billing Rates:
    1. Select Enabled for each staff rate description that applies to the staff member.
    2. In the Hourly Rate field, enter the amount billed to the client for each staff rate description selected.
  8. Select Save when you're finished.

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