Enter expenses

Follow these steps to enter expenses.

  1. Choose Time & Billing > Time & Expenses > Entry tab. Click the View View button button to choose Form or Grid entry. Enter expense transactions on the Expenses tab.

    Note: Before you can enter expenses, your firm must set up one or more activities with Expense as the activity type.

  2. If using grid entry, choose a staff member. Onvio defaults to the staff member currently logged in.
  3. Choose a date for the transactions you want to enter. If necessary, adjust the date range.
  4. For each transaction, choose a client and activity, and enter the number of units and unit price.
  5. Choose a project or service as needed.
  6. Enter optional comments or biller notes.

Notes on Grid entry

  • You can use the TAB key to move between fields.
  • Begin typing in a field, or press SPACE and DOWN ARROW to open a list of items where applicable.
  • To update the tracking status for projects and tasks on this tab, click the Project Details button in the Actions column once you've selected a project and/or task for the entry.

Notes on Form entry

  • Transactions appear in the list to the right when they fall within the selected date range.
    • Available date ranges include Today, Week, Two Weeks, Month, or Custom Date Range.
    • Custom Date Range requires you to choose the date or dates you want to view.
  • Daily totals of units and amounts appear in the summary row for each day.

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