Set up permission groups

You can set up permission groups to control which staff members have access to different Onvio features.

Before you start

  • You need to be logged in as a staff member with administrative permissions to add and edit permission groups.
  • If you're the Onvio Primary Admin, add yourself to permission groups.
  • You can add a staff member to more than one permission group. They’ll have every permission granted by those groups combined.
  • We recommend adding a new permission group for staff who need permission to access confidential contacts.

Add a new permission group

  1. In Onvio Centre, select Setup, then Permission groups.
  2. Select Add to create a new permission group and open Step 1: Name and Description.
  3. Add a Name and Description for the permission group.
  4. Continue to Step 2: Functionality using either Next or by selecting the step at the top of the screen.
  5. Open each tab and assign permission levels for Onvio applications to members of this group.


    • Select Nothing to deny members access to an application.
    • Select Everything to grant members complete access to an application.
    • Select Custom to pick and choose permissions for each application. A custom permission level lets you select either Disable or Enable access to each feature.
    • We have example permission group settings available if you're not sure what to select.
  6. Move onto Step 3: Data using either Next or by selecting the step at the top of the screen.
  7. Choose the contacts that group members can access.
    • If you choose No Contacts, group members won’t be able to see any confidential contact data or clients.
    • If you choose Selected Contacts, you can specify if group members can see Non-confidential contacts and/or Confidential Contacts.
      • Confidential Contacts can be further specified to All confidential contacts or Selected confidential contacts.
  8. Continue to Step 4: Group Members using either Next or by selecting the step at the top of the screen.
  9. Select Add to add group members.
  10. Tick the checkbox next to each staff member to add them to this group.
  11. Select Add Members to save your selection.
  12. Select Done to finish.
  13. Staff members need to sign out and sign in again to see changes to their permissions.

System groups

Onvio provides two built-in permission groups and adds the Onvio Primary Admin to both automatically. You can't edit or delete these groups but you can add or remove members.

  • Administrative Permissions: Members of this group have administrator access to all permission groups, including the ability to create new groups and to assign permissions to staff. Use this group for the firm administrator and top-level leaders (for example, the owner, partners, and/or senior executives).

    The Onvio Primary Admin can’t be removed from this group.

  • All Functionality and Non-confidential Data: Members of this group have permissions for all licenced functions in Onvio, but only for clients and contacts who aren’t confidential.

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