Confidential contacts

You can mark contacts and clients as confidential, then setup group permissions to limit which group members have access to confidential and non-confidential contacts.

When a contact is set to confidential and permissions are set to restrict a staff member's access, then they will not see that contact in the All Contacts list.

Enable Confidential Contacts

  1. Select Setup, then Permission Groups.
  2. Add or edit a permission group whose members should have permission to set contacts as confidential.

    Note: We recommend adding a new permission group for staff who need permissions to access confidential contacts.

  3. Click Next.
  4. In Step 2: Functionality on the Onvio Setup tab, if Everything is selected, then this feature is automatically turned on. If Custom is selected, then Confidential Contacts needs to be enabled.
  5. Continue to edit or setup the Permission group.

Set a Contact as Confidential

  1. Select Setup, then All Contacts.
  2. Add or Edit a contact.
  3. Choose the Confidential button on the General tab.
  4. Confirm that the proper permission group members have access to the confidential clients.

Note: You cannot set staff as confidential.

Give access to Confidential Contacts

In Step 3: Data when setting up a permission group, you will determine if the group members have access to confidential and non-confidential contacts.

  • If you choose No Contacts, group members won’t be able to see any confidential contact data.
  • If you choose Selected Contacts, you can specify if group members have access to confidential and/or non-confidential contact data. If you mark confidential contacts, then you have the following options.
    • All confidential contacts
    • Selected confidential contacts. If you choose Selected confidential contacts, click Select to view a list of confidential contacts. Mark each confidential contact that you want members of this group to have access to their data.

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