Add staff to permission groups

You'll need to assign staff to permission groups to give them access to additional features and areas of Onvio Centre.

Before you begin

  • You'll need to log in with an account that is a member of a permission group that has access to staff, permission groups, and/or Onvio Access. If this is your first time adding staff to permission groups, the Onvio Primary Admin will need to complete this setup.
  • You'll need to have permission groups set up to assign staff to.
  • Staff will need to have Onvio Access enabled before you can assign them to permission groups.


You can use the Staff setup screen or the Permission Groups setup screen to add staff to permission groups. Choose a tab below to view information for that screen.

  1. Choose Setup and select Staff.
  2. Select Edit next to a staff member.
  3. Go to the Onvio Access tab.
  4. In the Assigned Permission Groups area, use the toggle switch to turn on one or more permission groups for the staff member.
    Note: The Onvio Primary Admin is automatically added to the Administrative Permissions and the All Functionality and Non-confidential Data system groups.
  5. Once you've assigned the staff member to one or more permission groups, you can use the tabs to view the specific permissions the staff member has.
  6. Save your changes.
  1. Choose Setup and select Permission Groups.
  2. Select the permission group you want to add members to.
  3. Select Step 4: Group Members, or click Next until you get to the Group Members step.
  4. Select Add to open a list of staff members.
    Note: If the list is empty, all staff are already added to the group or Onvio Access isn't turned on for certain staff members.
  5. Tick the box for each staff member you want to add to the permission group.
  6. Select Add Members.
  7. Select Done to save your changes.

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