Project templates

Project templates allows you to specify default information that makes it easy to quickly add projects for clients.

Before you start

Make sure you're assigned to a permission group that has Project Templates enabled.

Add a project template

  1. In Onvio Centre select Setup, then Project Templates.
  2. Select Add.
  3. Enter an ID and Name on the General tab.
  4. If your firm is not licensed for additional Onvio applications, the Application field will remain None.
  5. You can keep the Status as Not Started on the template so that when you add projects to clients the initial project status is accurate. To add a custom status to this list:
    1. Select the Status drop-down menu, then choose Add Status.
    2. Add a description, then select Save & Close.
  6. Under Allow only one series of this Project Template per Client:
    • Select Yes if you want to create a project only once. For example, a tax return of a particular year for a client.
    • Select No if you want two projects with the same due date, names, etc., on the client at the same time. Use this for multiple audits occurring at once, for example.
  7. Use the Recurrence Frequency options to specify how often the project will occur and when the project will be due.
  8. Choose a Generation Method for the next instance of the project:
    • When the current is complete: When you finish a project, the next one will automatically generate. Use this for projects like payroll that you want to happen right away.
    • Specified days until the next due date: You can use this option for tax returns so that the project generates a certain number of days before the filling deadline, rather than immediately after completing the current tax returns.
    • When I manually create it: This is helpful for consulting or tax planning projects that may not occur every year, but you want to add as needed in the future.
  9. You can set the target dates for a pre-determined time before the project's due date, or for a pre-determined time after the actual received date.
  10. Setting staff as Primary Assigments ensures that they quickly see projects they are responsible for under the My Assignments area on the home screen.
  11. Choose how to store documents related to the project with the Document Folder Option field. This ensures that client document folders automatically generate when you create the project.
  12. On the Time and Billing tab, you can link services to this project and enter invoice descriptions to streamline billing.
  13. Select Save when you're finished.

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