We send notifications to keep you, your clients, your contacts, and your staff up to date on what's happening in your Onvio account. Some kinds of events that can cause a notification to be sent are:

  • Changes to account login information
  • Billing events like invoices and statements
  • Staff members sending returns and questionnaires to clients in Onvio Client Centre
  • Document requests and submissions
  • New staff member and client registrations

Notifications within Onvio

There is a Notifications tab in your profile. To see it, select your Profile icon. The notifications you see here are for you, not for your staff or clients.

Email notifications

Most email notifications go to the email address in the recipient's Onvio user profile. Some email notifications go to an email address that you add in staff setup, client setup, or contact setup. The type of event determines who gets the notification and which email address is used.

Mobile push notifications

You, your clients, and your staff can get push notifications if:

  • The Onvio client or staff mobile app is installed, and
  • Notifications are enabled for the app.

Both Apple iOS and Android users can see these notifications at the top of your device's screen and in its notification center.

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