Configure notifications

Before you start

Make sure you're assigned to a permission group that has Notifications enabled.

View and edit notifications

To configure notifications, select Setup, then Notifications.

You can customize notifications triggered by various events in Onvio on the Wording tab. These notifications include email messages, mobile push notifications, and notifications within Onvio itself.


You want to make changes to the notification sent when someone forgets their Onvio password. Select Forgotten Password Request from the list on the Wording tab. Here you can make changes to each type of notification. For mobile push notifications, use plain text (without formatting) and keep the message short to help prevent notification failures.

Use notification variables for specific items such as recipient names, folder names, and file names. Variables automatically insert these items for each customer so that you don't need to manually enter them.

Select Send Test to test the notifications. Onvio will send you the notifications via all methods you have enabled: email, notifications within Onvio, and/or mobile push notification. Confirm that all variable content displays correctly, and select Save when you're finished.

Edit default email attributes

You can edit several default global attributes shared by all notification email messages on the Styling tab:

  • Sender Name
  • Reply To Email
  • Message Header and Footer

The text you enter in each field will only appear in an email when that field is included in a notification template.

You can choose to use a different Sender Name and Reply To Email address for any email notification. To do this, turn off Use Global Addresses on the Wording screen. You can then manually enter the Sender Name and Reply To Email address.

Not all notifications in the Documents section of the Wording screen have the Use Global Addresses function. The only notifications in Documents that have Use Global Addresses are Client Adds Files and Staff or Client Adds Files.

Note: Link buttons may not function properly when accessed through the web interface of some email services. If users have trouble registering accounts or resetting passwords, the [REGISTRATION LINK] or [PASSWORD RESET LINK] variable may yield better results.

The appropriate link variables are built into the default templates, but if you are creating or editing a custom template, you may want to add the appropriate link variable manually.

Internal notes

The CC email and BCC email fields are not currently enabled for any templates, and any content users enter in those fields will not be used.

If a user happens to change their login email address via Onvio Web AND they have either the Documents or Client Center mobile app installed, they will stop getting push notifications until they log out of the mobile app(s) and then log back in with the new login email address.


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