Generate a temporary login code

If you can't log in using multi-factor authentication contact your accountant or your firm's administrator to generate a temporary, 24-hour numerical code to enable the user to log in.

Administrators, follow the steps below:

  1. Do one of the following.
    • For staff, choose Setup > Staff.
    • For clients, choose Setup > Clients.

    Note: If you don't see these links, you don't have access to these areas.

  2. Click the Edit button for the user.
  3. Do one of the following.
    • For staff, click the Onvio Access tab and click the View Setting button.
    • For clients, click the Client Centre Access tab, click the Show Details link, and click the View Settings button.
  4. In the panel that appears, click the generate a temporary, 24-hour code link.
  5. Provide the code to the user. They can use this code by clicking the enter a code link on the Onvio login screen.

Temporary codes expire 24 hours after they are generated. To get a code removed from a login, the firm's primary Onvio administrator can  contact Support.

If you disconnected your mobile device after receiving a temporary code, you can still access Onvio using the following methods.

  • If multi-factor authentication  is optional for your firm, multi-factor authentication is disabled once you disconnect all MFA devices. The temporary code is no longer needed, and you will no longer be challenged to provide a second means of authentication.
  • If multi-factor authentication  is required for your firm, access Onvio with the temporary code until you register a new device. After the temporary code expires, you will have to get another 24-hour code or register a new device before you can access Onvio.

Internal notes

If the customer is a client of a firm and needs a temporary MFA code, direct them to their accounting firm. An administrator within the firm will need to create their temporary code. 

First we need to verify the primary firm Admin which can be done using this tool:

Note: To access this or other Onvio support tools, you will need to use Chrome with the SwitchySharp plug-in. Installation instructions can be found here:

To generate a temporary code for an Admin

To verify the caller's identity, choose one of the following:

  • To confirm the PIN:

    1. Open EMS.
    2. Enter the Firm ID in the Search box.
    3. Click Applications > Licenses > License/Access PIN

      Do not read the License PIN to the caller. They must know this information on their own. If they can forget, they can sign-in to and view the PIN under Manage Firm.

  • Confirm the physical address with the caller. This address is listed at the bottom of EMS after you enter the Firm ID in the Search Box.

  1. Request that the caller email the License PIN to your email.

    Note: This email must be on file as an Admin or Licensee address.

  2. Click Applications > Licenses > License/Access PIN to find the license PIN and verify it against the email.

Reps can then contact Citrix Portal Tech to request the code for the customer. Then we can generate a code using this tool:  or email the Citrix Portal Tech at

To remove a temporary code

If a valid temporary code already exists for this login, Citrix Portal Tech ( can remove the code or generate a new code if needed. If a new code is generated, this replaces any previously generated code. If the user has access to their mobile device, removing the code allows the user to confirm their logins via the TR Authenticator mobile app as usual.  

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