Generate your own emergency access codes

If you lose access to your mobile device, you can use one of your own temporary emergency access codes to log in to your account. During initial multi-factor authentication (MFA) setup, you will be prompted to copy or print a batch of access codes and save them in a secure, accessible location.

If you have already set up MFA and haven't generated emergency access codes, we strongly recommend generating these codes now, so they are accessible if you lose access to your mobile device.

To generate a new batch of emergency access codes for your own account, complete the following steps using your Onvio login.

  1. Log in to Onvio.
  2. Click your profile icon and then click the View Profile link.
  3. On the Profile panel, click the Authenticator tab.
  4. Click the Generate New Codes button to create a new batch of emergency access codes. Note that doing so will replace any codes that you generated previously.
  5. Store the emergency access codes in a secure location.


  • Each emergency code can be used only one time. After you enter a code to log in, that code is expired.
  • Each time you generate a batch of emergency codes, any codes from a previous batch are disabled and will no longer work. Only the current batch of codes are valid.
  • If you're currently unable to access your mobile device and don't have a valid emergency access code of your own, contact your firm administrator to have them generate a code for you.

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