Trial Balance overview

Open your project and select the Trial Balance to add, edit, delete, and export account and balance information. You can also customise views to include or exclude columns in the Trial Balance.

On the Trial Balance tab, you can complete the following actions.

  • Add a new account or edit an existing account in the Trial Balance view.
  • Map accounts from an Excel spreadsheet (.xlx, .xlsx, and .csv) in a local drive or in Onvio Documents and import them into the trial balance.
  • Export a trial balance to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx).
  • Permanently delete an account from the trial balance.
  • Sort a column in ascending or descending order.
  • Hide zero rows if there are zeros in all the balance columns in the current trial balance view, even when there's activity in those accounts.
  • Cells that can be edited in the Trial Balance grid are now white and cells that cannot be edited are now shaded in grey. 
  • Cells that contain drop downs now have visible drop down arrows to indicate the cell is editable and contains a drop down list in the Trial Balance grid.
  • Only two decimal places are allowed to be entered for balances in the Trial Balance grid.
  • Column widths are now remembered per staff member in the Trial Balance grid.

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