VAT Return - Box 8 cannot exceed Box 6


You might see the following error message when uploading an Excel document containing the details of a VAT Return to Onvio.

Error message

Box 8 cannot exceed Box 6.


This message is caused by an error in one or more of the amounts entered in Box 8 and Box 6 of the VAT Return. These two boxes must contain the following amounts.

  • Box 6 (OnvioBox6): The total value of sales and other outputs excluding VAT. 
  • Box 8 (OnvioBox8): The total value of all supplies of goods and related costs to other EC member states, excluding VAT.

Note: The references in brackets to OnvioBox numbers refer to the corresponding cell names that must be included in the Excel worksheet containing the VAT Return details. 

To be accepted by Onvio and HMRC, the amount in Box 8 of the VAT Return cannot be more than the amount in Box 6.


Correct the amounts entered in the Excel worksheet and upload the revised version to Onvio.

HMRC guidance

For help completing the VAT Return, see the HMRC guidance: How to fill in and submit your VAT Return (VAT Notice 700/12)

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