VAT Periods

Onvio VAT Periods synchronised with HMRC

  1. If your client is set up for Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT, you will notice that their Onvio VAT Periods are automatically synchronised with HMRC when you do any of the following. 
    • View the client's VAT Periods.
    • Open a VAT Project.
    • Successfully submit a VAT Return.
  2. If there's no Open VAT Period from HMRC after synchronising, you can add a first provisional VAT Period.


  • When synchronising for the first time, the earliest Open VAT Period at HMRC is added to Onvio.
  • The VAT Period for any provisional or Open VAT Period is checked and automatically corrected when it is synchronised. A message is displayed to warn you that this has happened.
  • When you add a VAT Project for the next VAT Period, Onvio may add a provisional VAT Period.

View a client or contact's VAT Periods

  1. In Onvio Centre, select Setup > Clients or All Contacts.
  2. Select Edit to the left of the client or contact's name.
  3. Select the Periods tab.
  4. Select the VAT tab under Application Periods to the right.


  • The VAT tab will only be visible to staff with permission to add, edit and finalise a VAT Return.
  • A provisional Onvio VAT Period that's not yet synchronised with HMRC has an HMRC Status of Not Available.
  • If the HMRC Status of the Onvio VAT Period is Open or Fulfilled, then a matching VAT Period exists at HMRC with the same status. 

Set the recurrence of a VAT Project based on VAT Periods

You can set up a VAT Project Template to have a recurrence based on VAT Periods. A Project based on VAT Periods will open the VAT Return for the selected VAT Period when a matching VAT Period exists at HMRC.

When you update an existing VAT Project Template, you need to select the VAT Period in the client's VAT Project before it can be opened. This doesn't apply to an existing Project where a VAT Return has been submitted. 

When you select the VAT Period for a VAT Project, you should check the Target and Due Dates for the Project are correct. 



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