Set up your Agent Services Account with HMRC

Your firm will need an Agent Services Account so that it can deal with HMRC on behalf of its clients in accordance with Making Tax Digital for VAT rules. If your firm deals with the Trust Registration Service, it may already have an Agent Services Account.

Information you will need

  • The Government Gateway credentials that you use to log in to your HMRC Online Services for Agents account.
  • The Unique Taxpayer Reference for your firm.
  • Postcode associated with your firm's Unique Taxpayer Reference.
  • Company registration number, if any.
  • VAT registration number, if any. 
  • The name of your firm's money laundering supervisory body, your firm's membership number, and renewal date.
  • If you're applying on behalf of a sole trade or business partnership, your National Insurance number and date of birth.
  • If you're a registered Member of a Limited Liability Partnership, your National Insurance number and date of birth.

HMRC will only allow you to create an Agent Services Account if your firm is registered for money laundering supervision or if your firm's application for supervision is currently being considered by the supervisory body.

Create an Agent Services Account at HMRC

  1. Go to the Create an Agent Services Account web page at GOV.UK.
  2. Under the heading, Create an Agent Services Account, select Create now. 
  3. To log in, enter the credentials of your Government Gateway account that you use to access HMRC Online Services for Agents. 
  4. Enter details about your firm and your money laundering supervision.
  5. Carry across your existing clients to your Agent Services Account. This can be done in bulk.
  6. Before you finish creating your Account, make a note of your Agent Reference Number and the new Government Gateway credentials, which you will need to log in to your Agent Services Account. 

Need help with creating your Agent Services Account? Watch the video from HMRC, Talking Points - Agent services and Making Tax Digital.

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