Add a VAT scheme

  1. In Onvio Centre, select Setup > Clients from the menu bar.
  2. Select Edit to the left of the client's name. 
  3. In the General tab, make sure that the client's Value Added Tax Number has been entered.
  4. Select the VAT tab.
  5. Enter the VAT Registration Date.
  6. Select the Add button from the toolbar.
  7. Enter the VAT Scheme Start Date and choose a VAT Scheme and VAT Solution.
  8. If you've chosen a Flat Rate for the VAT Scheme, you will also need to enter a VAT Rate %.
  9. Select Save.


  • You can have only one active VAT scheme at a time. When you add a new scheme, the previous one becomes read-only.
  • You cannot edit an active scheme if a VAT Return has been submitted for a period after the scheme's start date.

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