Set up a Stripe account to accept online payments


  • To accept online payments in Onvio, you must create a Stripe account.
  • Service fees apply when you accept online payments through Stripe. For details, see the Stripe pricing and fees page.

You can accept online payment of invoices generated through Onvio to allow your clients to securely and easily pay their balances.

  1. Select Setup, then Firm Settings
  2. Select the Time and Billing tab. In the Accept Online Payments section, select Set Up Stripe Account.
  3. Read and accept the Stripe license agreement.
  4. In the screen that opens, do one of the following.
    • If you already have an account with Stripe, click Sign in with Stripe to connect and enter your Stripe credentials to link Onvio with your Stripe account.
    • If you do not have an account with Stripe, click the Sign up link, and enter the required information.

Once your Stripe account is connected to Onvio, your clients will have the option to pay the invoice online through Stripe whenever you send them an invoice.

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