Customise the appearance of Onvio and Client Centre

Choose Setup > Onvio Site Settings to Customise Client Centre appearance and embed Client Centre and staff sign-in buttons on your website.

Client Centre appearance

  • Set your firm name as the site title or click Upload Image to display your firm's logo as the site title.
  • If you choose to use an image, drag and drop your firm's logo, or click the Browse for File button. We recommend using a .PNG file, but other file types are accepted.
  • Select an accent colour for buttons and navigation symbols

Customise sign-in and sign-out pages

  • In the Sign In Page Background section, choose a background image for the Centre sign-in page.
  • In the Sign Out Address section, enter the web address that you want staff and clients to see when they sign out.
  • Click the Open Page In New Tab button to verify that the website launches correctly.
  • You can enable staff or clients to sign in directly from your firm's website. Copy and paste the code from the Embedded Client Sign In section or the Embedded Staff Sign In section, or provide the code to your firm's website administrator.

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