Onvio usage reports

Onvio can provide usage data, including a list of active user sessions, login history, and information on which users have accepted the terms and conditions for using Onvio.

Access to this data is controlled via permission groups. If you have permissions to view Onvio usage data, choose Reporting > Onvio Usage.

Click a tab on the left side of the Onvio Usage screen to view relevant information.

Tab Data
Active User Sessions Lists all Onvio users who are currently logged in.
Login History Lists users who have logged into their portals, with their last login times and IP addresses. Click the info button for a user to view additional login history.

Note: The data provided on this report is limited to a period of six months prior to the current date.
Terms & Conditions Shows when users accepted the terms and conditions defined by your firm.
Registration Status Shows clients, contacts, and staff who have been sent an Onvio registration email message, as well as their account registration date (if completed).
  • On each tab, you can click the Show/Hide Columns button to add or remove columns from the screen.
  • Click the Export button to send the data to a file in .XLSX format.
  • Click a column heading to sort on that column.

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