About migrating and synchronising Digita client data


You can migrate client data from Digita Practice Management to Onvio. This creates two synchronised records for the same client: one in Digita Practice Management, the other in Onvio. When you save a change to the client record in Digita Practice Management, it's also saved to Onvio.

Key points

  • Bulk migration. You can migrate a single client or many clients.
  • Migrated client data is synchronised. Read more about which client data you can migrate and synchronise.
  • Client data integrity is maintained. Matching rules help to stop you from accidentally creating multiple records for the same client in Onvio. 
  • Client data travels one-way to Onvio. A change saved to synchronised client data in Digita is saved to Onvio, but a change saved in Onvio is not saved to Digita. 


  1. In Digita Practice Management, you choose your clients for migration and prepare the data by using the Data Quality Check.
  2. You start migration by using the Send to Onvio function in Digita Practice Management.
  3. Onvio checks for matches between your migrating data and existing data.
  4. Onvio either creates a new client record, updates an existing record, or waits until you've resolved a conflict between the migrating data and existing data in Onvio.
  5. You resolve any data conflicts.

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Migrate client data from Digita to Onvio

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