Unrecognised contact national identifier type


You may see the following error message when you've enabled integration with Digita Practice Management and sent an e-sign request to a client. 

Error message

Unrecognised contact national identifier type.


The cause is likely to be that a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) and/or National Insurance number has not been entered for the contact in Digita Practice Management and pulled through to Onvio.


  1. Open the contact's record in Digita Practice Management.
  2. Select the Personal tab and make sure that the NI number and/or Tax reference fields in the Legal section have been completed. 
  3. Return to Onvio and choose Setup > All Contacts from the main menu.
  4. Find the contact in the list and select the Edit button next to their name.
  5. In the General tab, make sure that the National Insurance Number and/or Tax Reference Number entered in Digita Practice Management are displayed. 

Internal notes

This error article also appears in Salesforce (GTAX) for UK customers.

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