Reports for Onvio Accounts

Reports in Onvio Accounts provide the information you need to track and analyse your client's work. Choose from the list of reports in the Reports screen. The availability of a report is determined by which products you have licensed.

For each report, you can perform the following actions.

  • Select Edit to choose options that enable you to configure the report.
  • Select Open to preview the report in a new browser tab.

    Note: Pop-up blockers must be turned off to be able to open the new tab in your browser.

  • Select Create to make a copy of the report in PDF, Excel, or Rich Text Format, which you can download to your device. The report displays the accounts and balances for the selected contact.
  • Select Export to download an Excel file that contains a view of the report grid.
Report Description
Journal Entries Lists the journals and transactions that are entered for the period (Current period or Year to Date) for the selected contact.
Chart of Accounts Lists information about all accounts set up for the contact, such as account number, account description, and category/sub-category. You can create this report for each category structure that you have added in the Account assignment screen.

Note: You can select the Edit button in the Actions column to select a different category structure. (Currently, only this report allows you to choose from a list of other category structures that you've set up.)

Nominal Ledger Lists all accounts, balances, and activity for the selected period.
Category Structure Lists current and comparative adjusted balances organised by category (available for all category structures).
Trial Balance Lists account information for your contact, including account numbers, descriptions, and net income amount.

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